Fuel Monitoring
Fuel Monitoring

CONTROMOTE uses an ultrasonic fuel level sensor on fuel tanks and Flow-meter to accurately determine current fuel level and graph usage over time. 

Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring

CONTROMOTE provides a range of power monitoring devices, current transformers, power meters, AC and DC voltage sensors and power relays.

Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring

Surveillance of the whole tower site with the help of cameras and motion detection sensors, triggering alarms if unauthorized access occurs

Picture logs stored when events occur and video streamed to the central NOC for live view and recording purposes.


A typical remote telecom tower site requires operational expenditure to power active and passive assets on the remote cell tower site. The active assets include the base transceiver station that consumes 1kW to 8.5 kW, though 80% of these have power demand of less than 3.5 kW.   Having multiple tenants helps telecom operators to share passive infrastructure operation costs. The passive infrastructure includes the battery banks to supply backup power, diesel generating sets, solar generating panels, air conditioners to cool the shelter for the electronic equipment, and power interface unit. Grid availability has a great influence on the operations and maintenance costs of telecom towers. Sites located in areas of lower grid availability (power supply of 8 hours or less) have higher fuel costs due to extensive use of diesel generators.

Challenge: Providing 99.99% uptime while reducing capital and operating costs

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CONTROMOTE is a unique solution. It brings in a new generation of remote management, monitoring and control systems for critical assets inside the telecom towers distributed over a wide geography. CONTROMOTE allows for real-time monitoring of on-site technical equipment, together with its energy consumption. Additionally, environmental parameters can be monitored, as well as any theft, damage or unauthorized access to the site. Notifications and alerts keep maintenance personnel constantly informed about the condition of their telecommunication infrastructure.

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KPI Benefits


Security and Control

  • Access control and real time remote configuration 
  • Theft reduction 
  • CCTV and real time images snapping 
  • Real time SMS and email notifications 

Asset Management

  • Real time notification and alarms
  • Analytics and reports
  • SaaS capabilities 

Energy Management

  • Save energy by automation of diesel consumption
  • Control system to switch between low cost energy sources
  • Reduce fuel theft and lost by monitoring unusual events

Superior Operations

  • Maintain Tower Up-time at 99.9%
  • Reduce operational expenditure by 8-15%
  • Implement higher assets utilization